After much thought, I have decided to take a mini-digital sabbatical or internet hiatus. This was not an easy decision because the internet is a fundamental part of my life. Whether it’s on my phone or computer I am constantly trying to be in the loop about the what, where, how, why… T.M.I. has gotten the better of me and I feel it’s time to look beyond the internet and television for inspiration.

Peter Bregman’s post on why I returned my iPad (yes, he did the unforgivable) had me reflecting on my own relationship with social media and my cell phone. My attention span is not what it used to be! I get this itchy feeling to check who has updated their status or blog…kinda like pins and needles. Sadly, I have lost my creative mojo.
Therefore, I would like to take time to disrupt myself.  For the next two weeks, NO FACEBOOK!  NO LINKEDIN!  NO TWITTER… wait. I don’t tweet. Checking my email will be confined to twice a day for a maximum of 30 minutes for each session.  As for my dear blog, I will revert to the good-old notepad and/or MS-Word, and then I will copy-paste when I have to update.

In the mean time, I will be reading The Blue Sweater which I randomly picked up last week at the bookstore…definitely make chapattis…write my long overdue essays, watch  Blood Diamond and obviously work, work work.

For more insights on taking on digital sabbatical:


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