My birthday, a couple of days ago had me reflecting a lot about my accomplishments. Being a 21st-century woman, I want to have it all: money, power, love, security (in all its forms) plus a relationship with my Heavenly Father.  That said, I know that it won’t be easy; I am talking about blood, sweat and tears plus do not forget the eye bags and wrinkles. I have to take a couple of risks, take chances and make changes to least my goals.

Recently, I read Anetka’s diary that described the life of a coal miner’s bride. Anetka was a Polish immigrant who lived in the late 1800s. Her father betrothed her to a fellow coal miner in exchange for three passes to America.  I admire the fact that though she disagreed with her father’s wishes, she got with the program and quickly adapted to being a young wife and mother to three girls. She constantly reminded herself of her grandma’s words “A woman’s highest calling is to be a wife and mother” (paraphrased). Nonetheless, she never forgot her personal desires and ambitions.

The most touching part about her character was her entrepreneurial spirit: from selling pig hair to make brush bristles to using honey to make hand cream and even homemade soap with different scents. Going through the pages of her diary, I was able to get a better understanding of what Glen Llopis means when he talks about the immigrant attitude.

(TOGETHER) we can do it!

Honestly, I am not sure how tasty my bread or sauerkraut would be. I know that I can learn how to do things around the house that can improve the quality of life for my current and future family. I promise myself to do extra dusting, sewing, try a new recipe or a new way of making a common dish. I would like to be a good homemaker and role model for crazy beautiful sisters. I want to have a successful career and I want to be a wonderful wife and mother. Yes, I want to have it all.

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Updated: May 2020

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