I was robbed. Today, for the first time in my 20-something year old life, I was robbed. How it happened? I really do not wish to account for all details. All I know is that I have never felt so helpless and vulnerable.  To a woman, her handbag is her whole world.  The contents of my handbag or rather, my fake kind-of-expensive Burberry back pack may not mean much to majority of you but it was mine.   My personalized Bible was highlighted with verses that encouraged me, notes and bookmarks from my friends and loved ones. I had even penciled the significance of the seven churches throughout history on the inside back cover! I hope the thieves can understand Charles Dickens because I had bought Bleak House and Hard Times for my one of my best friends. My KES 45 A5 notepad had my to-do lists, my ideas for future blog posts, the books I had planned to read…. Have got any idea how long it takes to get a national ID card in Kenya???!!!! One of the best analogy that I can give for what I feel is Motley’s angry expression (remember Cartoon Network’s Wacky Races)

One thing that’s for sure, I have learnt first hand that people have no scruples and will stoop as low  as possible to steal money even though it’s for a couple of drinks… Where is the love?

When reality finally set in (a couple of sobs later…), I accepted that I had nothing except the clothes on my back.  It was the most horrible feeling in the world.   It made me take stock of the things that I value. Does not matter how much money you have to your name. The most important thing is the quality of relationships that you have.  Your most valued contacts especially your family will sort you out.

I am slowly making peace  with myself and  those who stole from me  (as I block everything that can be  blocked and changing passwords ). I have realized that the things that the things that I lost are replaceable but I am not. So I am grateful to my Maker and my loved ones who promptly came to my rescue.

Oh yeah, no more Miss Nice girl!

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One thought on “Where is the love?

  1. Confession: I laughed when I read this. And then I felt really sad. You’re a really good blogger. If it helps, I love you. I mean that. Can’t wait for our coffee date!


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