Book Review: Capital and the Common Good

When markets fail to produce broad-based and sustainable public goods,  it is up to governments, multilateral agencies, philanthropists and well-wishers to step in and save the day through innovative finance.

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What I have learned from Booktube and Book Blogging

Yesterday WordPress politely reminded me that I have been on this platform for 7 years! I feel like such a blogging grandma! As you may have read, I have written about my own struggles Continue reading

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How to meet your Goodreads goal while actually reading (good) books

Goodreads has to be one of the social media’s gems for bibliophiles. If actively used, it is a wonderful platform to connect with fellow book lovers and keep track of your reading habits. Having surpassed my goal of 20 by almost 200% in 2015 and just hit the 100% mark in 2016, I am keen on tackling a more diverse approach to the material that I was consuming while hopefully surpassing previous goals. Here are a couple of tips which I hope will be helpful… Continue reading

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Books to Read on WWII and the Holocaust

On January 1, 2016, the copyright to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf expired.  Book sales continue to soar a year after it was reprinted in Germany. This book that was first published in the 1920s and formed the basis for Nazi party manifesto with the aim of creating pure and powerful Germany but led to many atrocities. Though many are sceptical about the book that has been regarded as pure ideological poison, the new edition has been laboriously annotated to point out the fallacies perpetuated during the Nazi regime.

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My Literary Blindspots

I feel that over the last couple of years, the Booktube and Book blogging community has been making a conscious effort to read more diversely which is highly welcomed.  Given the current state of the world and the living in the information age, people do not have an excuse to become more knowledgeable about pertinent world issues…

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