Review: Charlie Gilkey’s Start Finishing

Title: Start Finishing: How to go from Idea to Done Author: Charlie Gilkey Publication Date: 24 September 2019 Publisher: Sounds True Genre: Personal Development, Self-Help, Non-Fiction, Business & Investing Charlie Gilkey's Start Finishing got me thinking about all the projects that I had left to fall by the wayside and what happens if I started … Continue reading Review: Charlie Gilkey’s Start Finishing

Being in the Messy Middle

The current COVID 19 pandemic has most of us hunkering down in our homes, information overload is creeping upon us. While breaking away from the news cycle is necessary, the lists upon lists of what to do read, cook, watch , order may not as helpful...

Review: Beyond Guilt Trips

Title: Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World Author: Anu Taranth Publisher: Between the Lines Publication Date: May 2019 Genre: Travel, Non-Fiction Travelling abroad harbours the promise of adventure and experiences but are travellers really prepared for the surprises that await them? Through Beyond Guilt Trips, Dr Taranth critically analyses the before, during … Continue reading Review: Beyond Guilt Trips

My Reading Intentions for 2020

    Happy 2020 Friends!!! It has been ages since I was last updated this space so let's begin with a recap: 2019: My Year in Review In 2019, I set out to read less. While the reading life is the best, I felt that it was taking away from other pursuits that would make … Continue reading My Reading Intentions for 2020

Review: The Tears of the Black Man By Alain Mabanckou

Author: Alain Mabanckou Translator: Dominic Thomas Publication Date: July 2018 Publisher: Indiana University Press Pages: 86 (Paperback) Genre: Essay Collection, Non-Fiction Alain Mabanckou is an author that I used to ignore when I went to the bookshop...until I started learning French a few months ago and he kept popping up in our textbooks as one … Continue reading Review: The Tears of the Black Man By Alain Mabanckou

Reviewathon 2019

  Yes. This is an actual screenshot of my NetGalley review shelf.  I have to admit that I have fallen behind in my reviews. I love Netgalley as a resource and I am grateful for the opportunity to support authors while broadening my worldview. Nonetheless, I am reviewing my "book reviewing" process because I would … Continue reading Reviewathon 2019

Review: Working in the Gig Economy by Thomas Oppong

Title: Working in the Gig Economy: How to Thrive and Succeed when you Choose to Work For Yourself Author: Thomas Oppong Publisher: Kogan Page Publication Date: 192 pages Length: October 2018 A 2015 survey by Ernst & Young shows that 25 per cent of businesses are expected to use over 30 per cent of contingent … Continue reading Review: Working in the Gig Economy by Thomas Oppong

Book Recommendations from BRICS Countries

Last year, I resonated with Okidokiboki's 2018 Read Harder challenge update. She was disappointed with BookRiot's recommendations for the BRICS challenge which got me thinking about what picks would have been. BRICS is the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These countries are pegged as the fast-growing developing countries and wield significant … Continue reading Book Recommendations from BRICS Countries

Salvaged by Roy Goble

Title: Salvaged: Leadership Lessons Pulled from the Junkyard Author: Roy Goble Publisher: NavPress/Tyndale Publication Date: January 2019Genre: Business, Christian, Personal Development Salvaged is a compilation of business and life lessons from real estate mogul and philanthropist Roy Goble. He merges lessons that he learnt growing up in his father's junkyard, running businesses and his Christian … Continue reading Salvaged by Roy Goble

Journey to a Promised Land|Allison Lassieur

Title: Journey to a Promised Land: A Story of the Exodusters ( I am America Series) Author: Allison Lassieur Publisher:  North Star Editions (JollyFish Press) Publication: 01 Jan 2019 Genre: Middle Grade, Historical Fiction Pages: 160 Hypatia "Hattie" Florence Jacobs dreams of being a teacher.  However, her parents are. former slaves struggling to make ends … Continue reading Journey to a Promised Land|Allison Lassieur