Accepting That I Don’t Have To Know It All

This post is for all the book nerds, bibliophiles, overachievers and all those recovering from the know-it-all syndrome to cut themselves some slack.

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Book Review: Life from Elsewhere

August was Women in Translation month. Though I found out about it a bit too late, it proved to be the perfect time to finally read Life from Elsewhere that had been gathering e-dust in my Kindle library.

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Books That Aren’t Set in the Western World

I came across this tag on Farah’s awesome booktube channel  (A Booktube Book) and thought it would be a good opportunity to share books that I have read from outside the Western world and would be interesting to pick up. Continue reading

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Book Review: She’s Still Here

One of the hardest experiences to go through is discovering that you are carrying you first child when you are just about to about to join college/university with a full scholarship. The situation is exacerbated when you when you and  your parents are very active in the Church. Continue reading

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If We Went Hiking Today…

I would be glad that I finally got the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of Nairobi…even if it would be for a little while. We would probably share my veggie sandwiches, tortilla chips with hummus, apples and probably some plain old H2O. Continue reading

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