33 tips to hack your Powerpoint presentations

Its 4.30 pm.

You are staring blankly at  the huge block of data that you Ctrl+V from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint  to make  it easier for you to start  making your presentation for tomorrow’s departmental meeting.

The only thing that is going through your mind is,

“Why in the world did I agree to this ?”

Here are couple of tips courtesy of Ethos3 that will hopefully make the presentation-making process  a lot smoother.


Please note that I am not affiliated with Ethos3 in anyway. I always share  ideas, products and services that I believe will be helpful  to  my audience.

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How to love introverts

Happy Friday Friends!

I stumbled on this  post by  Holley Gerth and  I had to share.  Over the  years, I have become more  comfortable with myself  as an INFP (and of course with the help of Susan Cain).  This has not been easy especially  for my  family who sometimes   think I  am a moody  mama. Like I said before,  I  making sense of  issues by by writing down my thoughts  and  having one-on-one conversations.

7 Ways to Love an Introvert by Holley Gerth

Please read the rest of this wonderful post here.  I would like to  read/hear your  thoughts on  being  introverted and how  you have coped with it.

Have a great weekend!

Sincerely yours,